Vue Pack

Bundle Vue.js library via webpack.

Get Started


Bundle Vue.js library as CommonJS, ES module and Web easily.


Able to custom via config and plugins.

Built-in Pre-Processors

Support TypeScript, SCSS, PostCSS and Pug out of the box.

Vue Pack is created to suit my personal requirements.
But you can also use it if it meets your requirements. 🙂



Vue Pack requires Node.js >= 8.

CLI (Preferred)

Install via npm:

# Install globally
npm install -g @gluons/vue-pack-cli
# Or install locally
npm install --save-dev @gluons/vue-pack-cli

Install via Yarn:

# Install globally
yarn global add @gluons/vue-pack-cli
# Or install locally
yarn add --dev @gluons/vue-pack-cli


Install via npm:

npm install --save-dev @gluons/vue-pack

Install via Yarn:

yarn add --dev @gluons/vue-pack